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 A New Age Of Dinosaurs

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PostSubject: A New Age Of Dinosaurs   A New Age Of Dinosaurs Icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2012 1:21 pm

Name: Silva Leo-Pard
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 180lbs

Appearance: Silva's head has the ears of a leopard along with spots decorated in various areas. His nose looks like that of a cat as well as his green eyes. His mouth curves up in a :3 kind of way. But the rest of his face still appears almost human. His body has become hard due to his intense training regiment and his hands are wrapped in cloth to hide the scars he has obtained as well as his freakish claws. He usually walks around barefoot and leaves his tail (also leopard like) out allowing it to freely move. His red hair is usually kept just long enough to cover up the base of his ears, and goes along well with the slight yellow/tan undertone his body seems to give off. His spots are a ghostly blue and the rest of the fur on his body is slightly darker than that which is on top of his head. He has recently taken up walking around shirtless due to how much heat his body gives off. He usually wears a pair of black pants which stop right above his ankles allowing his red fur and claws on his feet to be shown. He carried with him a burlap gym bag which he usually keeps extra wraps and a spare change of pants.

Personality: Silva is a self made man, he believes that all things can be done through hard work and diligence. When one lacks will power then the mind is able to falter, because of this Silva likes to push his way of living onto others in the form of physical combat, he believes its the only way to really get to know someone. He doesn't like long range magical attacks and tends to mock those that use it, even though he posesses one himself. He doesn't like to travel with others and kind of see's himself as a loner. Whenever he feels upset about something he can usually be found beating something with his fists. He is a bit of a loud mouth but never boasts his own power, only insults those who use theirs the wrong way. He has no need for good or evil and does things that benefit him or his guild. He dislikes being touched outside of battle do to his upbringing and usually goes into a fit of rage, resulting in a fight.

History: Silva was born to a man who had a thirst for knowledge and of science. Through combining magic with a stray cat he had found he was able to create a human/cat hybrid. When silva was younger he didn't get out much and looked almost like a small exceed. He appeared more cat like than anything and when he would leave with his "father" people would usually mistake him for one. But as Silva grew older his human side began to develop and his body began to mutate and become more vile in appearance. It wasn't before long that the man he called father began experimenting on him with forbidden magics trying to duplicate the process and give birth to more hybrids. In an act of bestial rage Silva slew the man he called father and decided that he would be no ones guinea pig. He began training daily trying to control the beast within and find the balance between man and beast. It wasn't before long however that he had to leave his current place of residence and find a new home, one with out the memories of being tortured.

Guild: N/A

Magic Type: Smilodon
Special Abilities: His dense muscles increase his attack and defense, enhanced hearing, enhanced sense of smell
Learned Abilities:

- Fist Of The Beast King: Takes the current animal spirit and channels it through the fist creating a head in the form of said spirit.

-Beast Counter: Counters a physical attack made on Silva equal to or less than his level of strength

- Ocelot Form: Changes form to that of an ocelot, making counters easier to read and increasing speed while decreasing strength and defense

Equipment: N/A

Occupation: Cat Man

Allegiance: Chaotic Neutral

Home Village: Oshibana

A New Age Of Dinosaurs Jaw_sy10:

Rank: D

Rank Points:

Quest: 0/0

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A New Age Of Dinosaurs
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