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A Fair Fairy Tail

I will tell you a little fairy Tail!
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 Darrel Zastur

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PostSubject: Darrel Zastur    Darrel Zastur  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 23, 2012 2:16 am

Name: Darrel Percy Zastur
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 7 foot, 6 inches
Weight: 310 pounds

Appearance: Darrel is toweringly tall man with an extremely skinny and bony body frame, while also having a rather lanky pair of arms and legs. His skin is of a pinkish tone, similar to one that would have been sunburnt, while his air colour is of dark orange, though most of his hair is obscured under his helmet, as is his right eye, bar his large twirled moustache. The helmet in question is that similar to Viking helmet without and horns with a a small metal plate covering the left eye crudely smelted on. His left eye is of aqua blue colour, while his chin has a large cleft on it. His voice is of that you would expect of a gentleman, but turns vulgar and crude when angered, or stroppy and childish when in a sulk. He usually wears a purple pinstripe suit with a simple white dress shirt underneath and a pair of black business shoes. Underneath his helmet, his hair is neatly combed while his obscured eye is in fact without skin around it and a lacrima placed in the eye hole with fairy magic dust gathering inside and white light jumping around in it.

Personality: Darrel usually acts like the typical gentleman, speak with fine manners and fine english, the utmost respect to those of higher honours and women, constantly helping those in need, quite hygienic, and also quite fond of tea. Though despite his usual manner, when he is angered, usually by very rude people, he goes in a rage where he bellows out in fury before quickly calming himself, or when he is upset he will go into a sulk and sneak into his room, acting rather childish and selfish. He is extremely loyal to his own guild going as far as to tear a town apart if his guild members there are so much as threatened to be harmed, and carrying quite deeply about them, treat them much like members of his own family. He can also occasionly be quite boastful of his guild members, sometimes even bragging about minor qualities of them.

History(warning; a bit long): Darral Percy Zastur was originally the wealthy son of a lacrima engineer and magic council official and fairy magic practioner, and lived a life of luxury, as his fathers work was usually in quite high demand, while his mother was usually given quite important tasks to attend to, but as a side effect it left Darrel quite lonely, left with only his rather uncaring servants, who still tried to make an effort but ultimately left him to himself. He spent most of his days in secrecy, practising some fairy magic in his room, and eventually was found out by the head maid that also worked as his babysitter, who then went on to teach him how to use the magic properly, managing to convince the head butler and the family caretaker to also teach him about magic in general, much to his enjoyment, while the head butler insisted on also teaching the ways of a gentleman, to which Darrel found much less enjoyable. All in all though, Darrel enjoyed his magic lessons and was always full of joy when his parents returned and he showed them his magic, which they were quite pleased with an actually encouraged practising the magical arts, occasionally also teaching him about magic, with his father discussing lengthily about his passion of lacrimas. Darrel’s life was simply wonderful, or at least he thought so himself.
That was until one fateful day, the day before his eighth birthday his parents returned from over a month from working on their separate projects, planning to spend their sons birthday with him, until suddenly some incredibly threatening looking strangers burst into the mansion and brutally slaughtered anyone they came across, quickly dispatching everyone with their own magic, including the family caretaker and the head butler, with the pair so much as not even putting up a struggle. When the invaders reached Darrel’s room some of them were struck down as they opened the door, by Darrel’s mother quickly realised who they were; a dark guild that had not only plotted for revenge against her from when she organised their original guild leaders arrest, but also has attempted various robberies on her husbands warehouse where he kept his newly created lacrimas. In the room, Darrel’s parents began defending their son, telling the head maid to escape with him and take him to safety. The head maid complied and managed to rush past the dark mages while carrying Darrel, managing to hold back any of the few dark mages that managed to pursue her with fairy magic. She managed to escape from the mansion, but not before a stray lightning spell managed to strike through the head maid and burnt Darrels right eye, to which the head maid managed to swiftly kill the dark mage responsible before shouting at Darrel to run, who did exactly that. As he ran down from the estate he came from and down into Magnolia town, he heard a colossal explosion and looked back at him home to see it was up in flames and half the mansion had collapsed into rubble. Darrel just stood their and cried. And he kept crying, even during when the townsfolk gathered in the street staring in confusion and fear of what was happening to the Zastur estate, and when the local mage doctor took him away for immediate treatment on his eye.
Darrel suddenly awoke the next morning, having no memory of when he fell asleep, in a bed and a room that was greatly unfamiliar to him and with a stranger watching over him. The stranger was a the mage doctor that treated him, who was the daughter of the S-rank mage, Hershal Watterson, Georgia Watterson. Almost immediately, she told Darrel that his right eye was too damaged and had to be removed to avoid any infection to the rest of his eye socket, as well as currently with the investigation on the sudden attack from the dark guild, there is near to no leads at all and have confirmed the death of the head maid. As Darrel weeped at his loss, Georgia Watterson said that the head maid had a present wrapped up for him and it was on the bedside table next to the boy, as well as his parents bodies havent been found, and might be, by a slim chance, still be alive. Darrel then wiped his tears away before clutching a the present unsure and looked at the label, to which he burst into tears again as it was a birthday present from his mother and father. With tears still streaming down his cheeks, he opened the present to reveal a lacrima, and occording to Georgia it was of fairy magic which produced the dust needed for it's spells and also with some magic supply of its own, to which Darrel decided something. That this lacrima should replace his right eye, and keep it hidden, which his new doctor friend complied and put a bandage over it.
Since that day Darrel lived with the Watterson family as a new family member, and also working as a independant mage, taking jobs merely to bring back funds for the family, as well as some practise for his magic. Eventually he joined fairy tail, in hopes of making guild mates and having help to keep an eye on the senile mage Hershal Watterson, believing it to be his responsibility ober the old man.
Guild: Fairy Tail

Magical type: Lacrima assisted Fairy Magic, fairy magic where the dust needed for spells is generated from the lacrima that replaces Darrel's right eye.
Special abilities: Great height, Long limbs, knowledge of various magical arts, practises and spells.
Learned powers:Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun: Darrel puts his arms out straight and pretends his hands are a pair of pistols before rapidly firing some energy needles made from the dust of Fairy Magic.
Fairy Ray: Sprite: Darrel points at his opponent before firing a beam of energy at his opponent, also made of Fairy Magic dust.
Fairy Cloud: Brownie: Darrel quickly inhales deeply before exhaling a large amount of dust which is used to temporarily blind or disorientate his opponents.
Equipments: Lacrima instead of his right eye.

Occupation: Mage
Allegiance: Guild mates and the Watterson family
Home Village: Magnolia (Zastur family estate)
Darrel Zastur  Jaw_sy10: 10,100 jewels
D-C rank: 1/7 missions

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everything seems fine to me, APPROVED
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re-approval needed for adding reward money and mission point from Grotto Mushroom mission
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Darrel Zastur
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